LAST DATE | Sheet Music for Piano

Floyd Cramer's instrumental Country piano classic arranged by Chris Nole for solo piano.
This iconic tune showcases the 'slip-note' piano technique made famous by the renowned Nashville pianist.
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"Of the characteristic "slip note" style, Cramer commented, "The style I use mainly is a whole-tone slur which gives more of a lonesome cowboy sound. You hit a note and slide almost simultaneously to another." The origin of the style is uncertain. It seems to have first emerged at the 1960 session for Hank Locklin's hit "Please Help Me, I'm Falling", when Cramer was asked by Chet Atkins to copy the unusual piano styling of songwriter Don Robertson, who had played on the demo. Cramer also acknowledged the influence of "Mother" Maybelle Carter's autoharp playing.[5]" From:

Nole's transcription differs slightly from the original 1960 studio version of Last Date. This solo piano arrangement is based mostly on Cramer's 1979 studio release of Last Date (from the album 'Super Hits'). The notation also includes the violins melody in the bridge along with a few left hand arpeggio changes for solo piano accompaniment purposes. Due to the licensing agreement, Nole's Last Date sheet music is only available on

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